February 24: History Happened Here

Please join us February 24 at 1:00 pm for the next event in the Reeder Speaker Series

Join us in person at the Steel Museum or online via YouTube

The Wilson Bruce Evans Home Historical Society is dedicated to the conservation of the Wilson Bruce Evans Home in Oberlin. Evans (1824-1898), an African American abolitionist, and his family helped make Oberlin a refuge for freedom-seekers. The Evans HHS is committed to developing public space and educational resources focused on the history of Wilson Bruce Evans family and the home’s historical significance as an integral part of African American history and culture.

Phyllis Yarber Hogan is a life-long resident of Oberlin and a founding member of the Oberlin African-American Genealogy History Group.

Dr. Gary Kornblith is Professor of History Emeritus at Oberlin College and the co-author of Elusive Utopoia: The Struggle for Racial Equality in Oberlin, Ohio. He is a forty-year resident of Oberlin and a founding member of the Evans HHS.

Dr. Carol Lasser is Professor of History Emerita at Oberlin College and the Manager of the Evans HHS. She is a forty-year resident of Oberlin and also the co-author, with Dr. Kornblith, of Elusive Utopia.

“History Happened Here” is an ongoing series that explores subjects in local and regional history, highlighting the contributions of Ohio and Ohioans at important moments in national and world history. For more information, contact alfluker@ysu.edu